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About Us

Our vision is to help artists get noticed, enable them to make a living from their skill and donate to art education for children.     

All the pieces sold here are under full control of the artist. All reproduction aspects, type of paper, framing options, type of ink, size, finishing, etc. are as the artist requested.  We apologize if you are not able to order the piece you want in the size you would like, but we feel giving the artist full control is worth it.  Each reproduction is made in one the best print shops in Europe and hand assembled to the artist's requests.  

The Founder

“Respect that which you cannot do” summarizes my relationship with art perfectly.  Art is a skill I never gained. As a child, I wondered how other children could draw things resembling anything recognizable as I struggled to trace my hand while not missing a finger.  Unfortunately, I continued through life never giving much thought to art, until I married into a very artistic family.  Beautiful paintings covered the walls of the family home.  I was shocked to learn they we all made by the family while no one in the family was a professional artist.  “It’s very difficult to sell art” is something I heard many times.  Once I learned many artists felt this way, I felt a need to prove them wrong.  

Help me prove them wrong.  Show them their art is desired.  Help them make a living from their skill.  Give to the next generation of artists.  Find a piece that moves you and buy it.  


Mike Wood

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  If you don't like it, send it back within 14 days for a full refund.  It's that simple.